Monday, September 16, 2013

Feeding sourdough

When feeding the barm you want to double the volume, anything less does not provide enough nutrients to keep it healthy.

to feed or refresh the barm do as follows:

1.remove your existing barm from the fridge.

2. pour off the "hooch" this is the grey-ish liquid on the surface of the dough. If your hooch is pink your starter/barm is not good anymore and needs to be disposed of.

3.allow the barm to reach room temperature (about an hour) we do this in the Bosch.

4.after the barm is no longer cold, add 3 parts flour and 3 parts water. Mix with the wisk attachment.

5. allow the mixture to ferment (4-6 hours is great but 2 is fine in a hurry)agin we do this in the bosh but a clean bowl is fine also.

6.pour your barm back into your clean container. save at least 2 cups barm for next time. Return to the fridge. Feed every few weeks or so(every few days is ideal but we often neglect ours and it just needs several feedings to hit its flavor ideal.

7. the reaming volume can be used for bread, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, etc.

*store your barm in a glass container. If you have a metal lid line the lid with plastic wrap or parchment. never use soap on your container. Just hot water!

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